Intercoastal Altercations III: (Title To Be Revealed)

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Q: What the heck is/are "intercoastal altercations"?

A: The original Intercoastal Altercations was an extravaganza (by Hudu and Trazom) held simultaneously in New York and Berkeley, sometime in the late 1980s. In 2002, at the urging of Hot, several puzzlers revived the concept .

Q: When exactly does the game happen?

A: It will take place on Saturday, May 10, from 7-10 PM Eastern Daylight Time (4-7 PM Pacific).

Q: So how does the game work?

A: The game is similar in structure to a Saturday night extravaganza at a typical NPL convention. Teams of 3-6 players (no larger, please!) will get a series of puzzles to solve which will ultimately fit together in a satisfying (we hope!) conclusion. The puzzles will be primarily of the pencil-and-paper variety, but be prepared for some surprises.

Q: Cool. How do I join in the fun?

A: If there's a gathering planned in your area, you can just show up there on May 10 and your host will take it from there. Otherwise, you'll have to host a gathering yourself; even if you can't get a team together in one place, you can join forces with others online.

Q: Is there a gathering currently planned in my area?

A: Check the list of sites to find out.

Q: I want to host a gathering. What do I need?

A: First of all, please register with Foggy (see below) if you wish to host a gathering of any size (even a "gathering of one"). Then read the notes for hosts so that you can have the necessary equipment on hand at game time.

Q: There's no gathering anywhere near me. Am I stuck?

A: Thanks to the miracle of technology, you can play too! In particular, if you install AOL Instant Messenger as directed above, you can communicate with other sites and so form a "virtual" team. In that case, each physical site should register (see below).

Q: How do I register?

A: Send email to Foggy (using alias) with the following information:
     how many people you expect to host
     a description of your computer and Internet setup
     a team name, if you have a preference
     an e-mail address, to allow us to contact you with last-minute information

Q: I'm busy on the 10th. Will I be able to play later?

A: We'll make all of the puzzles available after the game ends, so you can play at your leisure.

Q: Who are you, anyway?

A: Foggy, Ucaoimhu, Vebrile, and Fuldu.

(This FAQ was shamelessly copied from Kray's excellent FAQ for last year's Intercoastal Altercations, still on-line at!)