Investments for a Puzzling Market

New User Orientation

SolTrade offers investment advice about which companies to buy. Once you register, you will have access to several portfolio summaries. Each portfolio consists of four companies, whose names (in reality, each is a common word or phrase) are hidden in four puzzles. To order the portfolio, you will need to enter the four "company" names, and the name of the portfolio. To obtain this information:

Investors who purchase all three portfolios will have an opportunity to solve one more investment puzzle. Solve correctly, and you'll end up with something vital to every investor.

As an example of how our portfolio summaries work:

All of the answers are given in proper order, but the answer may not necessarily be the abbreviations run together. To access the next report, enter the four "company" names (STUDIO, LAKE HAVASU, TIMPANI, OUT OF TOWN) and the portfolio name in the spaces provided.

Should you need any help at all, please contact us at with questions.