Intercoastal Altercations

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The required equipment at each site is as follows (but see below for a "lower-tech" modus operandi):

On-line Teams

At each location, one member of the team should ideally sign into AOL Instant Messenger, the same program that is now used for NPL Chat. Join us in the chatroom IntercoastalIV (using this as a direct link).

Log in under a valid screen name. (If you don't have one, it's easy to create one: go to the AOLIM home page and follow the directions there.) We request that everyone give Foggy a username that will be logged in during the entire event; that will enable us to create a chat room of all hosts, for general announcements. It will also enable you to reach Foggy (username "foggyb42") if you need assistance (or hints, if it comes to that). If you need to send a message to another user, you may need to first add that user to your Buddy List (enter the username without spaces or punctuation).

Each location should log onto AIM around 6:30PM EST on the day of the event.

To actually play, teams will go to a home page released the day of the event (and accessible from the main IA4 page). each team will need its own name and password; you can pre-register here.

As you solve each puzzle, return to the home page and enter your solution. You may be given more puzzles; you may get something else.

Multiple Teams

If there is a non-player coordinating:

If there is no non-player coordinating and only one computer, teams will need to cooperate in terms of computer usage. Sign in on the puzzle home page, check your solutions, and return to the home page.

Offline Teams

If teams would like to have printed copies of the puzzles available ahead of time, please contact Foggy at Teams should still verify answers on the puzzle home page.