Who Stole The Emerald Necklace?Ah, early October. Visitors flock to New England from miles around to see the region's famed foliage turn colors. One such group is the Novitiate of Pious Logicians, a group of monks dedicated to monoveritous breviloquent conversation (i.e., the monks are a mix of truth-tellers and liars).

During the NPL's visit to the Laxa Curit Museum, a priceless emerald necklace (the Houquansyntentl necklace) was stolen. Security cameras have revealed that the culprit dressed as a monk, then joined the group after the burglary. Your staff has brought the monks in, and tried to take statements from them, but none would make more than two statements, and none very helpful. With no way to tell the impostor from the real monks, you fear the worst: the thief may get away scot-free.

At least, until an observant beat cop in the Boston Common found an apparent puzzle on NPL stationery. Reading the monk's by-laws, you discover that the monks may construct puzzles and hide statements or secret messages, as long as the statement confirms to that monk's vow. (Clues and instructions however are not constrained in this manner.)

Playing a hunch, you've sent police to each park that's part of the Emerald Necklace, and so far four puzzles have been found. Unfortunately, only one of these four is signed by the author. You and staff begin solving, hoping more puzzles turn up.

Can you


  1. Boston Common
  2. Public Garden
  3. Commonwealth Avenue Mall
  4. Back Bay Fens (black and white version)
  5. Riverway
  6. Olmsted Park
  7. Jamaica Pond
  8. Arnold Arboretum (grid)
  9. Franklin Park
  10. Franklin Park Zoo


Alden (m)The necklace is not at a location starting with the letter P.
The necklace is hidden in an area represented by a truthteller's puzzle.
Faye (f)Alden is not the thief.
The necklace is at a location whose name starts with a consonant.
Goose (m)Faye is a truthteller.
The necklace's location does not contain the name of a monk.
Joey (m)I wrote the puzzle before Faye's.
Kitten and Goose are the same type.
Kitten (f)A man wrote puzzle 5.
The unused letters in the Franklin Park Zoo puzzle indicate the necklace's location.
Lief (m)The necklace is hidden in an area represented by a man's puzzle.
The necklace is at a location whose number is a prime number greater than 10.
Lily (f)I wrote puzzle #1.
Goose and Moose wrote consecutive puzzles.
Mango (m)A truthteller wrote puzzle #7.
Willow is a liar.
Moose (m)I wrote puzzle #4.
The first letter of each sentence in the puzzle introductions indicate the necklace's location.
Rose (f)Lief is a truthteller.
The necklace is in the thief's hotel room.
Willow (f)A liar wrote puzzle #3.
The necklace is not at location #32.

Solutions to the puzzles and metapuzzle