Intercoastal Altercations V: Major League Brainball

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Q: How many puzzles are there? As many as IA4?
A: For now, that information is top secret.

Q: How exactly will the game be operated?
A: Puzzles will be available at 2PM EST here. You should first read the introduction, then start by confirming answers for the pre-event puzzles. Solving puzzles will open more puzzles.

Q: What if I'm playing at a site with several teams?
A: Try to secure an Internet connection, whether through the host's Wi-Fi, your own Wi-Fi, or mobile device.

Q: How do I get the starting location?
A: here

Q: What resources can we use to look things up?
A: Use whatever resources you'd like. Some puzzles will require knowledge available on-line.

Q: Help! I'm stuck on a puzzle!
A: If you need a hint, contact You can either e-mail or chat with this account. We are also on twitter at intercoastal5. We'll do what we can. Please be patient; there are many teams playing and we only can deal with one at a time. Under no circumstances should any comments about puzzles be made in any forum (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Q: I think I found a mistake in one of your puzzles. What do I do?
A: Contact us at (again, not in the public chat). If there is an actual error, or something that needs clarification, we'll post it to the web site and/or make an announcement via Twitter.

Q: Any other advice for solvers?
A: Read everything carefully, especially the introduction and the puzzles!