NPL Boston Gathering, October 2003

Back in October 2003, I held an event in Somerville for members of the National Puzzler's League. I arrived dressed in an eyepatch and fright wig, claiming to be Wes Carpenter, a producer of horror movies, looking for a new director. I would pick the directorial team that first figured out the correct name of the new movie I'm producing, and that team would get a prize. (The prize? The winning team had to act out a scene from the movie in character, with the constriction that each line had to start with consecutive letters of the alphabet.)

Solvers were broken up into teams randomly (we did ensure that some pairs got to stay together), and were then given a DVD case (see the cover below) which contained five puzzles and a CD. As solvers tackled puzzles, they got new puzzles (there were 9 puzzles total, below).

While it's possible to solve the puzzles below, and figure out part of the meta-puzzle, but there's something that you would need to get from me to solve it. (And in retrospect, the dvd cover insert should be dramatically different. One of the covers was also mismatched with the puzzle it belongs to, but I believe that might be fixed.)




Each puzzle was folded in half, like a DVD booklet. Each of these are covers that appeared on the opposite side of the puzzle.

DVD Cover and Inside cover

Solvers received a CD containing the following tracks.

All 24 tracks, zipped (17MB)