The Puzzle Boat is meant to be fun, not a frustration, so if you feel like you've been banging your head against a particular puzzle for a while, e-mail me at for a life preserver.

How Do I Get New Puzzles?

The map, as should be apparent, is arranged in concentric rings. Solvers start with 5 puzzles available in the first ring. When you enter a correct solution, you will either open 2 puzzles, 1 puzzle, or puzzles in the next ring:

General Hint

With these puzzles, you are typically going to be looking for a word or short phrase as your answer. You may want to look at first letters, or use numbers to find a specific character in a word or phrase.

Most of the puzzles have flavortext at the beginning. These will provide hints as to what steps you should be taking with a puzzle. I try to eschew extraneous flavortext.

Thanks for playing, Foggy