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Congratulations to The Burninators for winning the Brainball pennant at 8:07 EDT!
Congratulations to Deacon Blues for 2nd place at 9:24 EDT!
Congratulations to Team Meta for 3rd place at 9:25 EDT!
Congratulations to Chaiseland Enchiladas for 4th place at 9:42 EDT!
Congratulations to General Hooker Entrance for 5th place at 9:43 EDT!
It's the Wind Up Outward clue "Christmas decor mainstay" should be 89-86, not 89-87.
Charging the Mound In the lower-left corner, Binoculars are worth $21, not $19.
Line Drives An unintended solution exists, but does not use all of the squares. The intended solution will use all of the squares.

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