Puzzle Boat 2

In late March, Puzzle Boat 2 will set sail again. Like the first Puzzle Boat, this is a large-scale, Mystery Hunt-sized extravaganza intended for teams of 6-8 people to solve together over the internet. Puzzle Boat 2 will include over 100 puzzles, multiple metas, and an overall meta. In addition, Puzzle Boat 2 will offer team management (similar to Intercoastal Altercations 5) and a built-in hint system.

Time and Date

March 23rd, 2014 at 11AM. Puzzle Boat 2 will be available from that point onward.


As with Puzzle Boat and P&A Magazine, most of the puzzles are word, trivia, and logic puzzles covering a wide gamut of difficulty and genre. In addition, there will be a few audiovisual puzzles and curveballs thrown in. All of the puzzles have been written by me and tested by Mark Halpin, Justin Weinbaum, James McTeague, Roger Wolff, and Joon Pahk. Unlike the MIT Mystery Hunt, advanced scientific and computer knowledge will not be necessary.


In Puzzle Boat 2, I'll be trying out a new hint system. As your team progresses, you will discover three types of hint tokens: gold, silver and bronze. You can use these hints on any puzzle, with gold generally being flatout instructions, silver generally being a specific hint, and bronze generally being a more obtuse, general hint. You'll acquire hint tokens through solving as well as over time.

Cost per Team

The price per team is $15. That is a per team price...it's the same whether your team has only 1 person or 10.


The team that finishes first will receive a one-year subscription to P&A for both the team captain and for each registered player on the team (limited to 10 subscriptions).

In addition, one random team that finishes in the first 30 days, other than the team that finished first, will receive two one-year subscriptions: One for the captain and one for the captain to dole out to the team member of his or her choosing.

All prizes will go out 32 days after the hunt commences.

What Should You Do?

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