Puzzle Boat 3

Puzzle Boat 3 will be launching again. Like the first and second Puzzle Boat, this is a large-scale, Mystery Hunt-sized extravaganza intended for teams of 6-8 people to solve together over the internet. Puzzle Boat 3 includes over 100 puzzles, multiple metas, and an overall metameta. Puzzle Boat 3 will again offer team management and a built-in hint system.

Time and Date

October 10th, 2015 at 11AM. Puzzle Boat 3 will be available from that point onward.


Most of the puzzles are word, trivia, and logic puzzles covering a wide gamut of difficulty and genres. All of the puzzles have been written by me and tested by Justin Weinbaum, James McTeague, Ange-Strom Weber, and Joon Pahk. Unlike the MIT Mystery Hunt, advanced scientific and computer knowledge will not be necessary.

Cost per Team

The price per team is $15. That is a per team price...it's the same whether your team has only 1 person or 10.


Congratulations to The Batamaran Rises, Scenic Travelers, Tweleve Pack, SS Winnow, and Elephants for winning one-year gift subscriptions to P&A.

Sincerely, Foggy Brume

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